Saturday, September 7, 2013

Let there be Punisher Cannons!

I wanted a gatling cannon I could hot swap on my Russ's so I sculpted my own and with a little RTV silicone put a mold together and got to casting.

I'm not entirely happy with the cast.  A few bubbles were picked up during the molding process and thus carried on to the castings.  I plan on making another mold in the future but for now these are good enough for personal use.  Once I have a better mold completed I plan on making this commercially available.

Leman Russ Scratch Cannon Mount

I recently purchased a Leman Russ Annihilator from Ebay.  Since the Annihilator comes with a twin-linked lascannon on the turret I easily swap the cannon for other variants.  So, using scratch styrene I constructed a cannon mount.  Using this I can swap out any of the variants shown in my previous posts.

Scout Sentinel Squadron

A rather old Scout Sentinel Squadron I completed quite some time ago.  Each is armed with a multilaser.  All markings are hand painted and the camo netting is made of cheese cloth, painted brown and detailed with grass/leaf flocking.

Grey Hunters Pack

My Grey Hunters Pack.  The first of my Space Wolves Allies to be completed.  Soon to join them are Njal Stormcaller, a Wolf Lord, and a Blood Claws Pack.

This was a standard 5 man Space Marine Tactical Squad.  I added Sons of Thor backpacks from Kromlech to tie the squad together.  I also used some green stuff to fill out the beards and hair, added some fur and skulls to dress up the armour.

The sixth pack member is from the Space Marine Captain sprue and I picked him up at Games Day '05 during a 'build a captain' competition.

The models are based with sheet styrene and 'snow' flocking.