Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fallout Hobbies Custom Decal Shop - Kickstarter

As I've been working on my Imperial Guard army one of my biggest problems has been that I can't find a producer of quality custom transfers. It looks like my problem is no more as I have found Fallout Hobbies Custom Decals on Kickstarter. Take a moment to check them out and if you like what you see give them some support. For $40 I was able to order two sheets of custom decals.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Resin Crates - ebay Auction

Interested in using some of my crates in your next terrain project? Now you can pick them up on ebay. Starting bid is 50% my normal price.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Chaos Cultist to Ministorum Priest Conversion WIP

I bought the above pictured $10 set of Chaos Cultists with the intention of using them for some conversion work. Ultimately I wanted to make some primaris psykers and ministorum priests.

While not yet painted the below Ministorum Priest was created using the model pictured in the bottom left of the above photo. It took a great bit of chopping, green stuff, and bits, but here it is.

The robe, rope, censer, book and purity seals are all green stuff. The pole is styrene rod, the pointed bottom is cut from a disposable glue applicator the top is made from two Forgeworld Inquisition icons. The head is from Maxmini.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gaunt's Ghosts - Flame Trooper Lubba

The first of my assembled Gaunt's Ghosts. Flame Trooper Lubba. I started with a flame trooper, and a Vervunhiver at that, because I need to create some custom lasguns. The Tanith born carry lasguns with custom nalwood stocks so not just any lasgun will do. 

With that in mind here Lubba. I got the torso, head, and legs from Victoria Miniatures. The flamer and arms are from the standard Cadians. The camo cloak is greenstuff as is the fuel hose. I used the Green Stuff Industries tentacle maker to make the fuel hose. I cut down the standard fuel tanks to only one. I wanted something a little less bulky.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Catachan Hellhound

I picked up an old school Hellhound at a gamer's swapmeet some time back. Although I've been working on an armored regiment for my IG I thought this would fit in well with my Catachan regiment.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cargo Containers - Available to purchase in the new online store!

My first product is officially available in my new online store. The cargo container is a 1 inch by 1 inch solid resin casting. Use it for your terrain or objective markers.

Primed in grey for contrast on top of a 60mm base for scale.
Orders ship in standard off white resin
Use some in your next terrain build
Available in orders of two or five in the online store.

Commission - Imperial Fists Sicaran Battle Tank

As my first commision paint piece in a over a decade I took on a Warhammer 30K Space Marine Sicaran Battle Tank from Forgeworld. Unlike some of the 'forgery world' pieces I've worked on in the past, this model was in pretty decent shape. It had been previously assembled and painted but nothing a little Super Clean couldn't strip right off.

After striping it down to its component parts I had to do a little bit of straightening. The bottom hull section had to be straightened but other than that the rest of the pieces were pretty straight. Regardless I had to use quite a few clamps to hold it all together during the gluing process.

There was also a bit of putty work to be done but nothing too complex. The paint I used was a combination of Vallejo Air, Vallejo Model Paint, and Tamiya Acrylics. Chiping with the sponge technique weathered with oil washes.

 I love the rusty exhausts.

 The side sponsons have been magnetized for swapping.

The lenses were colored using Tamiya Clear Acrylics.

If you're interested in getting a piece completed let me know. I specialize in vehicles and typically work for trade.