Sunday, April 28, 2024

Großer Hund Upgrade

I recently finished a project I had started some time ago, the Machinen Krieger Großer Hund in 1/20th scale. This bench queen started as a submission for the Plastic Posse Podcast group build for the 2023 IPMS National Convention. Although I had completed the majority of the assembly process it never did get finished. 

Several other projects took priority, including 4 sets of Mandalorian armor for my 2023 family Halloween costume, but that's for another post. With other projects finished I mustered a bit of mojo and sat down to finish the Großer Hund.

I replaced most of the tubing which came with the kit with a variety of handmade and aftermarket alternatives. Anticipating it's inevitable demise I also replaced the plastic "chin" bar with steel wire and brass tube and  I added a thin high strength wire for an antenna.

Various surfaces were stippled with Mr. Surfacer for a cast texture. Where I felt it appropriate I added weld seams using green stuff two part epoxy putty.

With all of the added details I didn't feel like I could stop there. So next I hopped into Fusion360 and designed a new weapon for him. I wanted to stick with the retro-future aesthetic so I felt that a rocket pod was in keeping with the spirit of the genre. 

The rocket pods are available as a two pack at

With that designed and printed it was time to paint. The model was painted by airbrush with Vallejo acrylics. It was then weathered using multiple techniques including oil, acrylic, and enamel washes. Chipping was completed using sponges and a brush where needed.

I used a variety of decals both from those included in the kit and from my stash, all were applied using Micro Sol / Set. 

The base was a wall hanging I found at a second hand store. I removed the hardware and added a couple of layers of cork to the top. The surface of the "asphalt" section remained relatively unchanged and I covered the "concrete" sidewalk in plaster of Paris. 

The chain link fence is window screen mesh and styrene tubing. The vines are braided wires and birch seeds. I made the "Warning Dog" sign in Adobe Illustrator, printed it, and glued it to thin styrene sheet.

The storm drain was also modeled and printed. Is this something you would be interested in? Either as a 3D file or as a printed product? If so let me know in the comments.

Overall I had a real fun time working on this project. Once I got the ball rolling again I couldn't stop until I was finished. I hope you enjoy! If you would like to replace one or more of the Panzerschreck on your Großer Hund with a rocket pod stop on, and/or you would like to see additional custom parts for use with this kit let me know in the comments!