Saturday, June 15, 2013

Haters Going to Hate- Ultramarine Segway

I love custom bike squadrons so I had to repost this amazing conversion featured on SpikeyBits:

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Custom Fitted Arm using Apoxie Sculpt

Due to the positioning of the Bolt Gun, and my lack of appropriate Space Marine arms, I needed to create a custom arm.  The picture to the left shows my cuts.  I removed the hand at the wrist and loosened the arm at the shoulder.  I further cut away the hand to fit the Bolt Gun.  In the picture to the right shows the result after I applied the Apoxie Sculpt.  I filled in and smoothed out the gap where the shoulder meets the arm and sculpted a new thumb to hold onto the Bolt Gun.


The latest addition to my Imperial Guard Army.  Some UltraMarine allies.  A lot of custom touches here.  The Sgt. with the storm bolter is sporting the head and a modified power fist from an 80s era Space Marine box set.  The Marine to the right of him has custom shoulder pads to match that same era.  The combat squad leader to the far right has a custom Apoxie Sculpt hand pointing to his target.  I got a little better using Apoxie Sculpt for detail work on this build.  Applying a little bit of water to your tools helps keep a smooth texture much like green stuff.  Each Marine was base coated in Apple Barrel Colors - Cobalt Blue, shadows applied with a black wash and highlights were dry brushed using the same brand Baby Blue.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

WIP - Scratch Built Drop Pod

The Space Marine drop pod looks like such a simple design I thought I should make my own.

So I haven't gotten very far into this but here is the beginning stage.

Scratch Built Hunter-Killer Missile

My sentinel kits didn't come with Hunter-Killer missiles so I had to make my own.  

Using scrap sprue, polystyrene, and Apoxie Sculpt I've made the above pieces.  Top is the Hunter-Killer on the launch system.  Bottom left is the range finder and bottom right is an armor plate.  Since I have 5 more sentinels to outfit with these I think I'll be making a mold and casting the rest.

Here's what they look like tacked into place.  At the bottom of this photo you can get a glimpse of the custom Lascannon I made out of the stock Multi-Las.

WIP - Ork Slaughter

I happen to have three boxes of Gorka-Morka lying around and thought to myself: Self, how about a diorama?

The idea is a King of the Hill scenario.  I envision a Space Marine standing at the top of the hill with a slew of slaughtered orks at his feet.  The hill was bulked up using wood blocks and aluminum foil.  A thick layer of sculpy polymer clay was added and sculpted to shape.

 Corrugated tubing is used to create a drainage culvert.

One of the first to fall.  This figure was cut up, re-positioned, and remodeled using some Apoxie Sculpt.

I topped the hill with sandbags I had sculpted in polymer clay, molded using RTV silicone, and cast in resin.  The gaps were filled using Apoxie Sculpt sculpted into sandbags.  

Sandstone details were sculpted into the sides of the hill.

A layer of Apoxie Sculpt was laid down and imprinted with boot marks that I made with a sculpted boot tread pattern.

Another Squad Down

With an entire 1500 pt Imperial Guard Army to paint I've been taking it one squad at a time.  This is the latest completed squad.  A standard infantry squad with a Vox Caster.  Each squad member carries a skull tattoo on his right shoulder and a red bandanna or arm band.  I may come back later and give one a special weapon but so far I've preferred having a full squad of lasgunners when applying the First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! order.