Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ork Dakkajet Conversion

A little while ago I picked up three Hasegawa Egg planes with plans to convert them into Ork Dakkajets. I thought that the comedic shape of the planes would be a perfect complement to the Ork aesthetic. I've seen a couple of other Dakkajets created from egg planes online and I loved the look. I picked the Hasegawa F4U Corsair for my conversions.

I used styrene and a few items from my bits box to convert the corsair into my dakkajet. Additional details on the work in progress can be found on my previous blog post.

Weathering effects were created using the salt technique, sponge technique as well as oil washes.

MIG 'Fuel Stains' was used to give the look of fuel overflow leaking from the fuel tank.

The details on the base were created using part of a grot tank model I'm creating and some rhino tread. I also used the GW technical paints 'Agrellan earth' to get the cracked earth texture.

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