Monday, November 28, 2016

WIP - Ork Looted Tank

At this year's ModelZona I picked up the blow pictured kit for $10. I thought the aesthetic on the box screamed ORK! So I thought I'd use it to make a looted tank.

After assembling the kit I started to see a bit of where I was going to go with it. I want to replace the top hatch with a larger one. I envision a large ork with a WWII style helmet and goggles. I also want to build in a view port for the driver on the front of the tank's hull.

The treads needed a lot of looting. I used styrene scrap along with pointed hex nuts from MENG.

There's still a lot more work to be done but I'm feeling good about it so far. I think it needs a good wacky antenna, some beefy exhausts, and a nice large dozer blade.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Unboxing - The Walking Dead: All Out War

After spending many months in a state of perpetual anticipation wave one my 'Something to Fear' Kickstarter pledge finally arrived. The Walking Dead: All Out War is a table top war game from Mantic Games for 1 or more players. It can be played solo, cooperatively or versus. I'm quite excited about playing this game; a quick review of the rules 

The box arrived in overall descent shape. Two corners were a little banged up but nothing compared to some stories I had heard from other backers.

 So many minis! The first tray contains 38 miniatures and a Kickstarter exclusive badge and bag o' guns.

 The second tray contains the gaming cards and a bunch of Kickstarter goodies such as...

 This dice bag...

 The second tray neatly stores some scatter terrain, dice, and game cards.

The vehicles are hollow plastic. I'm looking forward to painting these up and weathering the crap out of them.

 There are various barricades included.

 There are also many different supply catches.

Each character has a card for game play which includes: Point Cost, Name, Faction, Nerve Level, Health, Special Rules and Abilities, Melee, Shoot, Defense, and room around the edges for various equipment to be attached. Characters can be outfitted with items, armor and keep additional equipment in their pack.

Under the character cards are 8 more walkers! 

 Event cards

 Supplies and equipment cards.

 A dice bag with lots of unique dice for game play.

The core rules set, a quick start rules book, and the Day's Gone Bye expansion. 

Cardboard punch out terrain and markers. These are more of the standard to be expected in the retail version. The Kickstarter version included models of many of these pieces.

Overall I'm quite happy with what I've received so far. Wave 2 will include the Green Family Farm expansion with at least another 16 miniatures, a rules/scenario expansion, and more character/equipment cards.

Monday, November 14, 2016


If you happen to be in or around the Tucson area this January why not come out to ScorpFestIV? Enter some models, check out a tutorial or two, and a spend a few bucks in the swap meet.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Modelzona 2016

Modelzona 2016 is a wrap. Over 500 models were entered with huge showing in both the armor and automotive categories. The show was packed with attendees and vendors, and what a great location. The show takes place in a hanger at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase/Museum in Mesa Arizona. In between checking out the models on display and shopping at the vendors, visitors can take in the museum and walk the tarmac getting up close and personal with several beautifully restored historic planes.


There was so much armor, it wrapped around the table at the end!


There were tones of autos too, these are some of my favorites.


Winner - Best Auto


A big turnout for Aircraft too.


Winner - Best Ship


Winner - Best Diorama

This forced perspective was really cool!



Winner - Best of Figures


Winner - Best Sci-Fi

Of the six models I brought for competition all six placed in their categories. First Place Sci-Fi and Best of Sci-Fi for my Stormlord, First place Sci-Fi Figure All Scales for my Ork Hunter, Second Place Sci-Fi for my Dune Crawler, Third Place Gundam/Mecha for my Scratch built Deff Dread, Third Place Busts for my Ork Pilot, and Third Place Miscellaneous for my Egg Plane Dakka Jet. I'd say it was a successful day!

I am looking forward to branching out a  bit more from my comfort zone. So far the Kromlech bust was about the largest deviation I've made from the norm. I'm working on an R2-D2 right now which is a bit more of a stretch and in the future I'm considering doing a WWII Sherman. Specifically a recreation of Fury.