Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIP - Legion Basilisk/Medusa #1

My buddy Joe picked up an Imperial Guard Basilisk and asked me if I could turn it into a Legion Basilisk/Medusa. Before I knew what I was getting into I said yes. Somehow I had it in my head that this would be a much easier project. After I opened the Basilisk box I realized that I would only be able to use the tracks, gun and carriage, and interior hull. Everything else would have to be scratch built. On the upside he was giving me all the spare bits in exchange for my work which meant I had enough parts to build another Salamander.

Using the Forgeworld website as reference I have made paper stencils which I then traced out onto sheets of styrene. I've been working in layers of 1mm and 1/4mm styrene. I used a leather punch to make the axle holes and mounts.

I still have a lot of work to do. I have to make the exhausts for both sides, finish the front hatch and details, bevel the edges, and construct the crew compartment. I;ve already fabricated some artillery rounds which I'll be casting. The final touch will be an ass load of rivets.

Monday, January 25, 2016

WIP - Catachan Ork Hunter

This was a rather productive weekend. One of the things I was able to work on the Catachan Ork Hunter for my Inquisitorial Retinue. I reworked the shoulders adding armour to each side, one with an Inquisition icon cut out of aluminum sheet. I repositioned the rifle sling, and swapped out the ork axe with a less obtrusive sword & scabbard. I replaced the handle with a carved Ork tooth. I threw in an obligatory purity seal for good measure.

I still plan on adding some Ork tooth jewelry, and some hair.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WIP - Inquisitorial Retinue

Never satisfied with working on one project at a time, I've decided to start building an Inquisitorial Retinue. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I've decided to return to building my retinue. Quite some time back I completed my Inquisition Chimera.

I have settled on building an Ordos Xenos retinue. I like the idea of including a couple of Xenos models and xenos tech. I also plan on making more than one inquisitor and perhaps a few extra henchmen so that I can swap between Ordos based on game play. 

 In addition to the Chimera I have also completed a Ministorum Priest. I will definitely be rebasing him at some point and may even do some remodeling.

A Primaris Psyker is under construction using the Chaos Cultist box set. I will definitely be reworking this one to some extent.

I plan on including two Sisters of Battle and a Witch Hunter. I haven't decided if I'll be doing any modification to these models yet.

My first major conversion piece has been a Catachan Veteran Ork Hunter. He's still a work in progress as I let the green stuff set. He's outfitted with a weapon from an old citadel weapon sprue and his trophy ork axe. I plan on continuing the shirt sleeve on the right shoulder, cleaning up the left, adding some hair, a necklace of ork teeth, and perhaps an ork skull shoulder guard.

I'll be throwing in a Kroot warrior and may be converting a couple of Vostroyan snipers as well. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Scorpfest 2016

On Saturday January 16th I competed in the IMPS Sonoran Desert Model Builders 'Scorpfest' model competition. I entered five models in all, three in the Real Space/Sci-Fi category and two in the Figure category. I'm pleased to say that I did quite well. Each model that I brought received some kind of recognition. I walked away with two Best in Shows, one Gold, two Silver, one Bronze, and an Honorable mention.

Scoring: Unlike other model competitions I have competed in, Scorpfest uses a point system whereby entrants receive 1-10 points in four categories (Construction, Paint, Finish & Details, and Overall Appearance) scored by three judges. The total average stands. Bonus points from 1-5 may be awarded for Degree of Difficulty. Medals are awarded by average score, thus it is possible for there to be ties for Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and possible for there to be no placing models in a given level. Also, the judges provide feedback on the scoring sheets allowing competitors to see where they excelled, and where they need improvement. The highest scoring model from each category receives 'Best in Show' for the given category. Ties for first are decided by the head judge.

I entered my Imperial Knight Titan, Kromlech Ork Pilot Bust, Ork Dakka Jet, Adeptus Mechanicus Dune Crawler, and Herald Deathwolf.


There were many entries in the Figure category. Personally I entered two. I also brought four entries from my buddy Joe since he was unable to attend in person. There were many entries in the category ranging from large scale figures, busts, historical, and fantasy.

While none of these wonderful figures placed Gold or Silver, there was a three way tie for Bronze. Between this beautiful fantasy bust, dwarf, and my Kromlech Ork Pilot Bust. Ultimately my bust took the 'Best in Show' for the category.

My wolf lord and Joe's Infinity Tiger Solder both received honorable mentions.

Real Space/Sci-Fi

There were just as many entrants in the Real Space/Sci-Fi category. A few gundam/anime, some Alien kits, a few Real Space models, and my Imperial Knight Titan, Ork Dakka Jet, and Adeptus Mechanicus Dune Crawler.

This anime style space battleship took home a bronze medal. 

This 1:1 recreation of an Apollo Guidance System was a real treat. It took home a bronze medal.

While not entered into the competition (display only) these two Maschinen Krieger models were really great.

My Adeptus Mechanicus Dune Crawler and Ork Dakkajet both took home silver.

My Imperial Knight Titan took both the only Gold in the category and Best Real Space/Sci-Fi.


The Diorama category was really inspiring. While I didn't have any entries of my own, those who did really brought some amazing work.

This sub hanger was in a light box. I wish I would have gotten some more pictures it seamed like each time I looked at it I saw something new. This diorama took Best of Diorama and People's Choice.

Ambush! was one of my absolute favorites.

Escape from Anzio was another favorite of mine.

Ivan was Here was another I wish I had more pictures of.


A lot of great entries in the Armor category as well.