Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ork Pilot Bust - Kromlech

I wanted to tackle something new and Kromlech's Ork Pilot Bust seemed just the thing. I love the model. It arrived relatively quickly at a reasonable price. The model was well cast will almost no visible mold lines or flashing.

The plinth is the top from a cologne bottle and the ork pilot wings were made from a chopped up gift card.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Dune Crawler

I purchased this Adeptus Mechanicus Dune Crawler earlier this year for entry into the Modelzona competition. I never did get it done in time for the competition. In fact I painted it twice and stripped the paint twice before settling on a blue paint scheme.

I used a combination of Army Painter, Vallejo, and Tamiya acrylics along with Secret Weapon Miniatures weathering powders and Citadel Technical paints.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Looting the Beauty Aisle

Hobby tools, materials, and subject matter can be found in a variety of places. Your local hobby and game stores, big box arts and crafts stores, dollar stores, and believe it or not beauty supply stores! While I find my hobby supplies in a number of locations today I'm going to focus on what you can find in the beauty supply section of your local store.

Nail files are always a great buy. They come in various grits and sizes. These are far cheaper than those you would purchase at a model hobby store. The files are also better than loose sheets of sandpaper because the stiff board makes using it effectively far more easy. I would recommend supplementing your supply with some quality ultra fine grit sandpaper from a hobby store, but the bulk of your sanding can be satisfied with nail files.

The nail section is full of great finds, nail files, clippers, and even nail polish. That's right nail polish can be thinned down with laquer thinner and run through an air brush. Granted most of the colors you'll find are better suited for painting model cars over war game models but the option is always there.

Okay so cotton swabs aren't exactly new to the model hobbiest but I do suggest purchasing the ones from the beauty section. The cotton tends to be tighter bound and they even come in shaped pointed tips. I like to use my cotton swabs for cleaning up oil washes. 

Makeup applicators are a cheap effective way to apply weathering powders. They can be purchased in small disposable versions like the ones that come in compacts or even longer handled versions allowing for better control and help getting into those hard to reach places. You may have even seen Tamiya's line of weathering powders which are essential eyeshadow compacts.

Makeup sponges can be used to apply weathering powders or tore into pieces and used to stipple colors for weathering or texture effects.

These are just a few of the great hobby supplies you can find the in the beauty section. Take a look around and you'll also find a wide selection of tweezers, and cuticle pushers are great for sculpting. Just remember to buy your own supplies and don't go raiding the beauty supplies of the ladies in your life, they may not be too pleased to find resin dust in their nail files.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Harald Deathwolf

I have to say that I was quite productive over my Thanksgiving vacation. I worked on a few different models and even completed Harald Deathwolf from start to finish. I'm also quite pleased with him and getting much more comfortable in my miniature painting. I think if I can get my mini painting up to my general model and armour skill level I'll be much happier with my models overall. This Harald Deathwolf was definitely a step in the right direction.

The wolf was painted by airbrush with Tamiya acrylics. I then followed up with Army Painter 'Dark Tone' ink and a dry brush of the lighter Tamiya tan. The details were picked up using a detail brush and a variety of Army Painter, Vallejo, and generic craft paints.

I did a lot of green stuff work to the wolf to clear up the joints where the model pieces come together. I used my standard method for painting the brass details. Using all Army Painter paints I base the details in 'leather brown', then lay down a coat of 'weapon bronze' followed by 'soft tone' ink.

The skin cloak was painted with a base of 'army green' followed by Vallejo Game Color 'green wash' and a dry brushing of 'army green' and 'necrotic flesh'.

I used Army Painter 'Wolf Grey' spray primer for the Wolf Lord. His armour was then washed with 'Blue Tone' ink and highlighted with 'wolf grey' and a light blue/grey craft paint.

I was especially happy with how well the frost axe came out. I painted the blade in the same light blue/grey craft paint I used for highlights on his armour and then applied a wash of the Army Painter 'blue tone' ink over it. A quick dry brush of the light blue/grey was then applied to the forward edge of the blade.

I have many more Space Wolves to go and I hope they all come out as good as Harald did.