Monday, August 27, 2018

Eldar Guardian

This Eldar Guardian is the latest addition to my Ordos Xenos Inquisitorial Warband. He's displayed on a temporary base for the model show circuit. Now that he's placed in a national competition he'll be getting a new base. The head is a converted Sisters of Silence, the body is a standard Eldar Guardian. I got the Eldar icons and Chaos Space Marine helm from a random bag of resin bits in my box.

I painted the model with my airbrush using zenith highlighting. I followed that up by wet blending the armor.

I painted all the gems using a guide I found on Pinterest and then covered them up with a gloss coat.

The base is the front of an old flashlight.

Monday, August 20, 2018

IPMS Nationals 2018

Well the 2018 IPMS Nationals are a wrap! There were over 3500 models on display in categories ranging from Historical Aircraft to Figures. The Sci-Fi and Figure categories were really impressive with amazing entries of all types.







There were lots of Warhammer and war gaming pieces on display.






I ended up placing in three categories. 1st in Sci-Fi Figures, 3rd in Scratch Built figures, and 3rd in Scratch Built/Conversion Sci-Fi.

Next year's show is being hosted in Chattanooga, TN. I don't think I'll be making it all the way out there but there are plenty of local shows to attend in the mean time and the 2020 Nationals is being hosted in San Antonio, TX. That I think we'll be heading to.