ModelZona 2018, Mesa AZ

1st Place, Dioramas & Vignettes - Grombrindal
1st Place, Figures - All Scales - Science-Fiction & Fantasy - Eldar Guardian

2nd Place, Miscellaneous Subjects - Skaven Army

IPMS National Convention 2018, Phoenix AZ

Third Place, Figures Sci-Fi  - Ork Hunter
Third Place, Sci-Fi (Converstion/Scratch Built) - Grot Dakka Jet
First Place, Figures Sci-Fi (Non-Human) - Eldar Guardian

IPMS Best of the West 2018, Las Vegas NV

Second Place, Collections, Five or more closely related items - Imperial Commissars
Second Place, Science Fiction Fantasy and Space - Skaven Plague Furnace
Second Place, Dioramas Sci-Fi, Fantasy Dioramas & Vignettes - Grombrindal

IPMS National Convention 2017, Omaha NB

Third Place, Fantasy Non-Human - Kroot Mercenary

Third Place, Space and Science Fiction Vehicles, Conversions and Scratch-Built - El Huevo Muerto

Second Place, Space and Science Fiction Vehicles, Mecha - Imperial Knight Titan

IPMS Best of the West 2017, Las Vegas NV

First Place, Collections, Five or more closely related items - Space Wolf Transports

First Place, Vacuforms and Scratch Built - El Huevo Muerto

ValleyCon 2017, Los Angeles CA

Gold Metal, Science Fiction Figures - El Huevo Muerto

ModelZona 2016, Mesa AZ

1st Place - Sci-Fi Figures All Scales
2nd Place - Sci-Fi/Fantasy
3rd Place - Gundam/Mecha
3rd Place - Busts
3rd Place - Miscellaneous

IPMS Best of the West 2016, Las Vegas NV

1st Place - Science Fiction, Fantasy & Space - Fantasy

1st Place - Humor in Modeling

ValleyCon 2016, Los Angeles CA

1st Place - Sci-Fi Creatures/Robots/Figures

ScorpFest 2016, Tucson AZ

Honorable Mention - Figures
Gold Medal & Best Real Space/Sci-Fi
Bronze Medal and Best Figure
Silver Medal - Real Space/Sci-Fi
Silver Medal - Real Space/Sci-Fi

 ModelZona 2015, Mesa AZ

Second Place - Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Third Place - Figures
First Place Sci-Fi/Fantasy

 IPMS Best of the West 2015, Las Vegas NV

Third Place - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Space

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