Anvil Industries

"Anvil Industry offers high quality hand cast resin miniatures and conversion parts for wargamers looking to build a unique collection." -

Anvil industry offers a wide selection of conversion parts for your army including a vast array of weaponry. I've purchased a few heavy weapons kits as well as a few bionic arms and legs kits from them.  The parts were very well cast and had little or no flashing.  The bionic arms and legs kits offer an insane amount of flexibility as each arm and leg is segmented at the joints.  In addition to a quality product I was impressed with the affordable shipping rates and speedy delivery.

Bitz Box

"Bitzbox was started in September 2006 by me, Craig Randall. I live in and run Bitzbox from the coastal town of Great Yarmouth in the UK. Famous for the UK's worst wax museum but the best damn fish and chips you'll find anywhere!" -

Brother Vinni's

"Brother Vinni is sculptor from St. Petersburg (Russia). Arch-founder and chief sculptor of Brother-Vinni's Miniatures.  Brother Vinni sculpts since he can remember himself, and we sell miniatures since 2009.  [W]e work (in addition to sculpting commissions) on the original line of miniatures and hope to grow out of to own wargame." -

Clear Horizon Miniatures

"We are a 15mm Sci-Fi miniatures company with our newest set of 15mm Armored infantry, the Earth Federation 5th Special Activities Division, known by their unit nickname the 'Hell Divers.'" -


Games Workshop

Hirst Arts

"Hirst Arts is a small business owned and operated by Bruce and Joanne Hirst. We make all of the molds by hand and ensure that each is of the highest quality. Each order receives our personal attention and usually ships out the day after we receive it." -

Hitech Miniatures

"At HiTech Miniatures ™, we strive to enrich your gaming experiences by producing affordable, high quality miniatures.  By utilizing traditional and digital methods of sculpting, our team has created something unique and exceptional for players, collectors and RPG gamers. HiTech Miniatures ™ offers a wide variety of miniatures, which will enable you to diversify and enrich your gaming experiences." -

Kabuki Models

Khurasan Miniatures

"We make both historical and adventure (fantasy, sci-fi, and pulp) miniature figurines and vehicle models in a variety of scales." -


"Kromlech is company producing resin miniatures and accessories for tabletop battle games. We are located in Warsaw, capital of Poland." -

Mad Robot Miniatures

Mantic Games

"Mantic Games is all about providing the best fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and games at great value.  The Mantic Team is made up of hobby enthusiasts and world-class creatives that bring you fantastic games and miniature ranges ..." -


Mr Dandy

Pig Iron Productions

Portable Warfare

Puppets War

Scibor Miniatures

"Scibor Monstrous Miniatures company manufactures miniatures and bases for different kinds of war games, role playing games as well as for collectors" -

Secret Weapon Miniatures

"[W]e're refocusing on our "From The Ground Up ™" vision and expanding our line of weathering products, bases, terrain, and accessories -- with an emphasis on model finishing, and comprehensive gaming and display environments." -

Smart Max

Spell Crow

Spikey Bits

"Spikey Bits is a game store run by gamers, for gamers. We offer Games Workshop products at 20% off, as well as other table top games and supplies at a great discount!" -

Tectonic Craft Studios

"Tectonic Craft Studios is ... looking to start making terrain as a continuous and evolving line of tabletop scenery that can grow with and adapt to a constantly growing and changing war games community. War games need high detail, durable, yet affordable terrain that is easily and intuitively assembled to get it built and on the table." -

Victoria Miniatures

"Victoria Miniatures is an Australian based company producing characterful, high quality, collectible miniatures for hobbyists, collectors, gamers or any one who takes a fancy to them." -

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