Sunday, June 2, 2013

WIP - Ork Slaughter

I happen to have three boxes of Gorka-Morka lying around and thought to myself: Self, how about a diorama?

The idea is a King of the Hill scenario.  I envision a Space Marine standing at the top of the hill with a slew of slaughtered orks at his feet.  The hill was bulked up using wood blocks and aluminum foil.  A thick layer of sculpy polymer clay was added and sculpted to shape.

 Corrugated tubing is used to create a drainage culvert.

One of the first to fall.  This figure was cut up, re-positioned, and remodeled using some Apoxie Sculpt.

I topped the hill with sandbags I had sculpted in polymer clay, molded using RTV silicone, and cast in resin.  The gaps were filled using Apoxie Sculpt sculpted into sandbags.  

Sandstone details were sculpted into the sides of the hill.

A layer of Apoxie Sculpt was laid down and imprinted with boot marks that I made with a sculpted boot tread pattern.

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