Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hobby Progress - Imperial Guard - Catachan Regiment

I have a tendency to purchase more plastic crack than I can possibly finish at any given time.  That isn't such a bad thing considering how distracted I get by random new projects.  I spent this last week getting some of my Catachan army completed.  All models were painted with a combination of GW, generic craft paints, and Army Painter paints and washes.
Imperial Guard Commissar with Plasma Pistol
The above commissar was missing his left arm when I got him in some bits I had ordered from ebay.  I fixed that with a generic Cadian arm, a chainsword, and for the epaulette, some green stuff.

Catachan Lieutenant

Imperial Guard Commissar

Catachan Heavy Bolter Team

Catchan guardsmen with lasguns and meltagun

Catachan Captain with Powerfist and Boltgun

left: custom 'Sly' Marbo   Right:  Catchan guardsman with plasma gun
I'm thinking about painting Marbo's berrett red to keep with the theme of the Catachan 2nd regiment.

three catachan missile teams
The sandbags for the missile teams and the heavy bolter team are resin casts of some sandbags I made a long time ago out of super sculpey.

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