Sunday, June 22, 2014

Space Wolves Rhinos - WIP

I've started work on 4 Space Wolves Rhino APCs.  I started with the interiors first, base coating them in a black primer and following up with a dry brushing of Citadel Colour Chainmail. I then detailed the control panel.  I finished the interior with a gloss varnish on all the screens and lights.

I have finished the interior of all 4 and have begun work on the exterior. Using florists wire I added grab handles to the rear of each rhino. I ordered some Space Wolves icon sets from ForgeWorld and applied those to each hull before base coating them all in Wolf Grey base & primer from Army Painter. I based the side doors in Army Painter Daemon Yellow, and masked off some sections of the hull and based them in yellow as well. Aside from the base colors of grey and yellow I wanted to add some quality ornamentation.

I decided to create my own stencils to paint some ornamentation worth of the Space Marines. I started by making an impromptu lightbox with my desklamp and a sheet of plexiglass. Be careful when using incandescent lamps as I managed to significantly warp my plexiglass in the process. Using my lightbox I traced some iconography out of the Space Wolves codex onto a piece of masking tape.  I also printed out some more graphics I found online. With a hobby knife and some stencil sheets, I bought at a craft store, I cut these graphics into stencils. CLICK HERE for a tutorial.

On two of my rhinos I used the Army Painter Daemon Yellow primer/base coat to paint the medieval style wolf.

On another rhino I used one of my stencils, and a $10 airbrush from Harbor Freight, to create this:
I started by spraying black primer, from a distance, over the back half of the rhino. After that dried I set one of my stencils in place using Easytack and masked off the rest of the model.  I then sprayed the white, removed the stencil, and from a distance, sprayed white around the black areas to add the 'stars' in the black of night.  I will have to continue to clean up the rest of the model but I'm quite happy with the results so far.

FINISHED - Click here for my post with the finished models.

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