Monday, July 28, 2014

Tutorial - Lasgun Carbine with Folding Stock

I'm working on a Forge World Tauros Venator and doing quite a bit of subtle modification along the way. One thing I wanted to include was a lasgun for the driver in the cab. I test fit a standard lasgun into the cab and it was far to big to seem a natural fit. So I decided to create a lasgun carbine with a folding stock in the style of the M1 Carbine carried by paratroopers in WWII.

This was a simple conversion which requires only a couple of tools, a few materials, and very little time. The following is a guide to how I made my lasgun carbine.

Tools / Supplies

To complete this conversion you will need the following items:
  • Imperial Guard lasgun
  • Hobby knife
  • Tweezers
  • Wire clippers
  • Glue
  • Pin vise and small drill bits
  • Small gauge wire (florists wire)
  • 3/64" styrene rod


The lasgun will need to be shortened. The stock must be removed and I also removed a small section of the middle. I was careful to pick a section which began and ended the same so that when I removed it the remaining pieces would still match up.

Before trimming
stock, action, middle, and barrel.
I threw the stock and middle portions in my scrap box.

A small section of 3/64" styrene rod was cut to the height of the action and attached to the rear where the stock had been removed.  Two small holes, the same diameter as the florists wire, were drilled into the rod perpendicular to the action.

The barrel of the rifle was glued back into place using plastic weld.

I cut a length of florists wire approximately 1" in length and, using my tweezers, bent the wire to shape, bent the ends at a right angle, and cut the ends flush.  I used photos of paratrooper M1 carbines as a reference.

Once it was shaped the way I liked it I dry fitted it into the styrene rod and super glued it into place.

Here is the unpainted finished product showing the different materials I used. These will look great in the cab of my Venator or even better on a veteran squad with a Valkyrie. 

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