Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pardus 8th Armoured Regiment

In the book Honour Guard, by Dan Abnett, the light infantry of Gaunt's Ghosts are partnered with the heavy weaponry of the Pardus 8th Armoured Regiment in defence of the Shrine World of Hagia. As I begin to build my Gaunt's Ghosts army I am building all of my armour in keeping with this theme. The Pardus 8th is mostly comprised of Leman Russ Conquerors, Destroyers, Hydras, and various support vehicles. The following are my completed Chimera, Manticore, and scratch built Salamander. To follow will be 3 Conquerors, 2 Hydras, at least one Destroyer and some yet-to-be-determined Baneblade variant.

I used the same process for all my vehicles:

  1. Primer grey
  2. Airbrush basecoat
  3. Mask off and airbrush secondary camo
  4. Paint all details
  5. Sponge chipping effect
  6. Gloss coat
  7. Apply decals using MicroSol
  8. Oil paint/mineral spirits wash
  9. Dull coat
  10. Weathering Powders
  11. Dull Coat
  12. Gloss details (lenses, grime)

Salamander Scout/Command Vehicle You can find WIP photos of the Salamander here.

Chimera "Death's Chariot"

Manticore "Emperor's Vengeance"

I just noticed that this is misspelled, oh well I suppose Guardsmen make mistakes too.

Comments and critiques welcome!


  1. This is fantastic. I am a recent GG fan and had the same idea. I’d love to see more if these.

    1. Thanks, I have a bunch more in my "pile of shame" which I hope to get back around to completing.