Thursday, October 29, 2015

WIP - Ork Dakkajet Conversion

I've been looking for various models to complete outside of my typical builds for upcoming model competitions. One idea I had was to convert some Hasegawa Egg Planes into Ork flyers. What follows is my current work in progress, an Ork Dakkajet converted from a Hasegawa Egg Plane.

Doesn't this kit look like it was designed with Orks in mind? These kits only run about eight dollars on Amazon!

 A lot of styrene was used to make this conversion.

 I also used lead solder wire to make the cables. This was the first time I've used it in a model for this purpose and I absolutely loved the effect. It was so easy to work with!

 Panel lines were emphasized with a razor and dental tools. The rivets were created using microbeads.

I used zip ties for the ammo belts. I saw that technique online somewhere but I can't remember where.
 The grot is from the gretchen box. I had to cut off the arms legs and waist and resculpt the shoulders and arms with green stuff.

Various bits helped to fill out the build.

I've got two more of these kits on hand to make conversions out of. My ultimate goal is to apply three of these to one base. That way as each hull point is removed during game play I can remove one model for each point.

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  1. Brilliant great ideas in this project thanks for sharing....