Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Harald Deathwolf

I have to say that I was quite productive over my Thanksgiving vacation. I worked on a few different models and even completed Harald Deathwolf from start to finish. I'm also quite pleased with him and getting much more comfortable in my miniature painting. I think if I can get my mini painting up to my general model and armour skill level I'll be much happier with my models overall. This Harald Deathwolf was definitely a step in the right direction.

The wolf was painted by airbrush with Tamiya acrylics. I then followed up with Army Painter 'Dark Tone' ink and a dry brush of the lighter Tamiya tan. The details were picked up using a detail brush and a variety of Army Painter, Vallejo, and generic craft paints.

I did a lot of green stuff work to the wolf to clear up the joints where the model pieces come together. I used my standard method for painting the brass details. Using all Army Painter paints I base the details in 'leather brown', then lay down a coat of 'weapon bronze' followed by 'soft tone' ink.

The skin cloak was painted with a base of 'army green' followed by Vallejo Game Color 'green wash' and a dry brushing of 'army green' and 'necrotic flesh'.

I used Army Painter 'Wolf Grey' spray primer for the Wolf Lord. His armour was then washed with 'Blue Tone' ink and highlighted with 'wolf grey' and a light blue/grey craft paint.

I was especially happy with how well the frost axe came out. I painted the blade in the same light blue/grey craft paint I used for highlights on his armour and then applied a wash of the Army Painter 'blue tone' ink over it. A quick dry brush of the light blue/grey was then applied to the forward edge of the blade.

I have many more Space Wolves to go and I hope they all come out as good as Harald did.

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