Monday, June 5, 2017

Valley Con 2017

Sunday March 5th, 2017 the Petersen Automotive Museum hosted the Valley Con model show and swap meet. The coming together of a prestigious automotive museum and model hobby show works very well. Contestants get the opportunity to display their work in a room filled with beautifully restored classic cars.

I entered a few of my own models in the Sci-Fi and Figures categories alongside this year's amazing entries. I walked away with one medal this year. What follows are a collection of this year's entries.



 This Eldar Voidraven was particularly well done.

 My scratch built deff dread "El Huevo Muerto" picked up a gold medal. And of course my eyes are closed.

1st Place for the Sci-Fi Category went to the above 3D Printed space ship from Disney's The Black Hole. It was fully lit with LEDs.

And finally this year's winner of "Best Automotive". The model will be displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum for a year when next year's winner will take it's place. If you're in the area swing by the event next year. The show is held each year on the first Sunday of March.

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