Wednesday, August 5, 2020

3D Printing: Detolf Brackets

To display my completed models I have a Detolf display cabinet from Ikea. The shelf is great and beloved by the modeling and collecting communities but it has one flaw, a like of adjustable and additional shelves.

A search of Google, Etsy, and Thingiverse will yield several third party solutions to this problem. No that I have a 3D printer I set about making myself some mounting brackets to suspend some additional shelves. Those available on Thingiverse were designed with filament printers in mind and the models are single piece designs which work with pressure tension which is too much for a typical resin print to handle without failing. Additionally, the prints and products I found online required custom cut glass to match that of the existing shelves. I wanted to work with something readily available and off the shelf. Home Depot carries 11x14 inch glass panes which would fit nicely inside the cabinet.

So I went about designing my custom mounts as two piece resin prints. They are meant to be printed directly on the print bed without any added supports. They are held in place using two M3 hex nuts and  two M3-14 machine screws. A felt pad provides cushion for the glass which can be anywhere in size from that of the original shelves to a minimum of 11x14 inches.


It took me three iterations before I settled on this design. I'm quite happy with it. It prints and functions exactly as I intended and now I have all the space I need in my cabinet. You can download the file at Thingiverse. If you use it please post a make. I'd love to see it in action in your cabinet.

You can see some of v2.0 in the below photo. As time permits I will be replacing these with v3.0 which, in comparison, has better clearance for the hardware, prints without cleanup, has vertical support, and captures the nuts for easy assembly. 

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