Wednesday, December 23, 2020

PJ Mask Needed a Rescue


One morning we woke up to find that the family dog had made short work of Owlette. She didn't stand a chance. Her right hand was severed just above the wrist and her helmet was mangled. 

I used my hobby skills to carefully reattach her hand and set the mend in place against her torso. A lighter helped me to heat the arm until it was soft enough to bend into position.

Next I went about sculpting a sling out of Apoxie Sculpt, and repairing the damage to the helmet using green stuff (not pictured).

Then she was masked off with Silly Putty (this stuff really can't be beat for masking organic shapes), and sprayed down with Vallejo Steel acrylic paint.

Lastly the sling was painted in a tan color to match a traditional triangular sling and she was good to go. PJ Masks to save the day!

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