Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leman Russ Battle Tank

After acquiring two Leman Russ Battle Tanks on Ebay I wanted to add some adaptability to them.  My first thought was to go with some type of magnet system but considering the basis of any cannon is a tube, I went with a collar system instead.  The idea being that a single size collar sits in place of the cannon and other attachments slip onto/into that one.

I started by cutting off the original cannon, which had already been modified into a Vanquisher by the previous owner.  Onto this I attached a short collar made of 7/16th inch tube styrene from Evergreen Scale ModelsI can slip alternate cannons into/onto this collar changing the Leman Russ for whatever threat awaits it.
Left to right, Punisher, Battle Cannon, Demolisher
The Punisher Gatling Cannon was constructed out of 1/16th inch, 1//8th inch 3/8th inch and 7/16th inch styrene tubing.

To make the Demolisher Cannon I used three different diameter tubes. The outermost is 1/2" in diameter and 7/16" long. Inside that is a 7/16" diameter tube cut just a couple of millimeters shorter than the outer tube. Inside that is another tube 3/8" in diameter and 7/16" long. Once glued together (one inside the other) you get a short little barrel that has a 7/16" groove which the slip collar slides right into.
A detailed view of the rear of the Demolisher Cannon and the various tubes used in its construction.

To make the Battle Cannon I used a length of 3/8" tube with a small length of 7/16" tube for the muzzle brake. The vents in the muzzle brake were cut out using a razor saw, hobby knife, and my miter box. 
Leman Russ with slip collar.
Leman Russ with Battle Cannon
Leman Russ with Demolisher Siege Cannon
Leman Russ with Punisher Gatling Cannon