Monday, July 29, 2013

Brother Vinni's Commissar

I recently placed several orders from independent miniature producers in an effort to support the little guys and add some unique flair to my Imperial Guard army.  One of the purchases I made was for a beautiful Commissar figure from Brother Vinni's.

The single figure, including shipping, set me back about $15.  Not a bad price considering it was shipping from Russia and the standard GW model is approximately the same price before shipping.  I received the model about 20 days from the day I ordered it.  I've shipped orders to Russia and experienced 30+ day shipping times so I was excited to get it so soon.

I am very pleased with my purchase.  The model was well cast and had very little flashing and practically no mold lines.  The detail is on par with GW's newer line of fine cast models.  Scale wise it is a perfect fit for an IG army and, aside from being a great looking model, I don't think you'll be able to pick it out as a 3rd party product.  After he's been painted I'll add my Brother Vinni's Commissar model to the gallery page.

In addition to the Commissar model Brother Vinni's offers a great line of unique 28mm models. Video game fans of Fallout, Bioshock and Mass Effect will enjoy the selection.  They also have a selection of other minis including fantasy, other scales and bits.

Brother Vinni's doesn't have a standard shopping cart but if you e-mail them an order they will send you an invoice via PayPal in a flash.  The customer service was great and there was no delay in getting my order processed.  I'm sure I'll be picking up some of their Fallout series soon.

So if you're looking for a unique addition to your table top gaming or just a fun miniature to paint give Brother Vinni's a try.

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