Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keep modeling, modeling, modeling... just keep modeling, modeling, modeling!

More detail posts on my process will be added later on  for now here is just a taste of some things I have in the works.  Working on some additional vox caster guards men, my regimental standard and a custom Sly Marbo.

My custom Sly Marbo is converted Catachan Infantryman.  A 3rd party pistol from my bits box stands in as his ripper pistol, the fuel tank from a flamer has been converted into a melta-bomb and his demo charge has been made out of some styrene and bits.  Joints and about a third of an arm have been filled/sculpted using Apoxie Sculpt as well as a cool beret.

My Regimental Standard has finally received his flag.  It was created with sheet styrene and shaped with a heat gun.

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