Friday, October 25, 2013

Space Wolf Dreadnoughts - WIP

So I recently picked up a couple of Space Marine Dreadnoughts off Ebay for about $10 each.  One was a vanilla marine and the other Dark Angels.  My goal was to turn these two Dreads into Space Wolves Dreadnoughts.  To accomplish this I used a combination of Apoxie Sculpt, Green Stuff and a little tough love.

I used Apoxie Sculpt for all fur, and Green Stuff for more minute details. In this photo you can see one of the furs on the first Dreadnought.  I use dental tools to sculpt the fur.
I also went about magnetizing each Dreadnought and all the arms so that I can change up my list to meet specific threats.

For the close-combat-weapon I added a fur pelt across the top, a skull  and trim on the front face, removed a cable and replaced it with "Power Cable" made out of a section of necklace I picked up at Michael's.  Lastly, I cut notches into the fingers and cut out sharp finger tips from styrene card stock.

You'll notice that there is still some paint on these.I soaked them in Super Clean for a couple of days and what you see left is the tough stuff that stained the plastic.

The Lascannon received a Green Stuff wolf icon. The hash marks help the Green Stuff adhere to the plastic. I then spread a ball of GS across the side of the lascannon and carved out the wolf using a x-acto knife and dental tools.

The Missile Launcher and Multi-Melta get the same treatment.

I also added a bit of small chain to the missile launcher. I got this from Michael's craft store. Check out their jewelry section. There are a lot of great necklaces that can be used as chain and power cords.

The legs of Dreadnought number 1 were missing the shin guards.I fixed this by cutting a piece of styrene tube to length and then cutting it in half.  I applied those to the front of the legs and finished them off with some more Apoxie Sculpt fur and a Green Stuff banner.  I "Wolfed up" the feet by cutting notches into the toes and cutting some sprue into claws.

Dreadnought number 2 still needs a lot of work.  I'veadded plenty of fur, some wolf details, a banner, and I've used some green stuff, styrene tube and a space marine head to create a "Venerable" feel.  I added a skull to the shin and claws to the toes again.  For the classic wolf skull and cross bones I created a push mold of an original using Apoxie Sculpt and used that to press a Green Stuff duplicate.

A coat of Wolf Grey primer and base coat from Army Painter really starts to pull it all together.

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