Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Value Gear Details

Value Gear is a manufacturer of quality resin storage bits for scale modelers. Value Gear's mission statement is: give model builders (me included) a more useful spares box! Creating and casting sets of Generic/Universal stowage. No helmets no weapons and nothing to keep you from using it in a wooden cart, a chariot, a truck, or a panther tank. "Any Army Any Era!" is my motto. They won't work on everything but so far I have seen people use them on so many different trucks and tanks and even some War Hammer tanks and dioramas. Stowage are accents to help give your model some story or a lived in realistic look. Armies live under canvas...

With a wide selection of scales and storage options, Value Gear makes good on their mission. Because crate and canvas scale is all a matter of perspective any of their products apply well to Warhammer 40K or other tabletop wargames.

So far my favorite set has been the 'Tents & Tarps' set is full of wonderfully detailed bits.

Andy's Hobby Headquarters has a great tutorial video on creating tarps and bags with Steve of Value Gear Details:

Below are my results from following the above tutorial. I do think I need a bit more practice on my tarps, Steve is a pro at this.

The finished painted product including a great deal of Value Gear Details can be seen above and below.
A few Value Gear Details crates can be seen on the gun deck. The open one was carved out using a hobby knife and the cut of lid was painted and set in place.

Here's a great tutorial on painting weathered wood using one of Value Gear's crates:

Below are my results from following the tutorial with similar paints I have on hand.

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