Monday, November 23, 2015

Ministorum Priest Conversion

This conversion was accomplished using a Chaos Cultist. The head is from Maxmini. I created the staff using some styrene rod, the tip of a glue applicator, and a the Forgeworld icon shown below.

The head of the staff was created by molding and casting two copies of the Forgeworld Inquisition icon. They were then trimmed down to the icon only and glued back to back. The purity seals are also green stuff.

The book is green stuff sandwiched between styrene. The strap around the book is more green stuff and the skull was scraped off another model with a razor blade then applied to the book.

The censor, robes, and a good portion of the right arm are green stuff.

The original model used was the cultist pictured in the lower left of the box artwork shown below.

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