Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gamer's Garage Sale

This morning I attended the Gamers' Garage Sale hosted by our local gaming store Imperial Outpost Games and man did I clean up. On top of picking up a basilisk and sentinel for $35 total I picked up Star Wars X-Wing with a Y-Wing for $10. But that wasn't the steal. I picked up all of the below for $5.

For a measly $5 I picked up:
  • 15 Space Wolves
  • 5 Space Wolf Scouts
  • 5 Space Wolf Terminators
  • 5 Fenrisian Wolves
  • 2 Sisters of Battle
  • 1 Emperor's Champion
  • 1 Space Marine Bike
  • The upper half of a Dreadnaut
  • and a pile of various Space Marine/Wolf bits and pieces
It looks like there will be a whole lot more Space Wolves in my future.

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