Tuesday, March 8, 2016

ValleyCon 2016

I spent this weekend in  Southern California for this year's ValleyCon. This model contest was organized by the Pasadena Modeler's Club in cooperation with the Peterson Automotive Museum. My sister-in-law did a great deal of the work putting this event together, and although I am admittedly biased, it came out great. What better location is there for a model show than in the middle of an Automotive Museum showroom floor?

There were many categories and subcategories, over 160 competitors, and around 600 entries. I brought 6 entries of my own: my Imperial Knight Titan, Ork Dakka Jet, Space Wolf Rhino, Ork Pilot Bust, Tauros Venator, and my Dune Crawler.

The Sci-Fi category covered 8 tables and included sub-categories such as: Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and more. I had entries in both the "All other Sci-Fi" and "Creatures/Robots/Figures" categories.

This C3-PO was part of a collection and one of my favorites. That metallic sheen looks 100% authentic!

Machinen Krieger made several appearances at the show.

 This little Gundam tagging the water tower was quite ingenious.

 These amazing pinups were all scratch built!

 Battlestar Galactica had some great entries. The lighting on the president's freighter and the weathering on this viper were especially well done.

 The Star Wars category was well represented.

There were a lot of great custom or scratch built models.

When it came time for judging my fingers were crossed and it paid off. My Imperial Knight Titan took home 1st Place in the Sci-Fi Creatures/Robots/Figures category.

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