Monday, March 21, 2016

WIP - Ork Terrain

I felt inclined to make some more terrain and wanted to go Ork. I have a giant box of sprue which I planned on using to frame the structures and a bunch of cardstock and scrapbook paper to flesh out the buildings.

I started by cutting out a 1'x1' square of 1/8" MDF. I then rounded out the edges and drew my layout on top. I'm imagining this to be an Ork trading post. It will have corrugated steel walls, a bar serving "Boooz", a "Wepunz" trader, and a lookout tower. I had planned on making a "Gazz" station but decided on the "Wepunz" trader instead. I figured I had more bitz on hand to flesh out that idea.

I cut out some cobblestone textured scrapbook paper to shape and glued that down to the board to add some texture to the roadway.

I then went to town on cutting up sprue and boxing out the buildings and walls. 

I'm using corrugated scrapbook paper to build the walls and a mixture of materials to line the buildings. Cardstock, styrene, aluminum, and plenty of gift cards and loyalty cards are being put to use on the walls.

My 'Wepunz" trader will eventually be stocked full of spare bitz.

The watchtower is coming along nicely. There's a door at the bottom and a ladder coming out to the top. I made the ladder out of more sprue which I heated with a lighter and bent.

Going forward I plan on fleshing out the bar including access points for the roofs and a snappy sign. I also want to pipe filler into each of the walls, top it with gravel, insert some sharpened toothpicks and top the walls off with some constatine wire. All the ground and edges will be detailed with debri and sand. I also plan on throwing in lots of other bits like crates, barrels, and spare parts.

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