Monday, November 7, 2016

Modelzona 2016

Modelzona 2016 is a wrap. Over 500 models were entered with huge showing in both the armor and automotive categories. The show was packed with attendees and vendors, and what a great location. The show takes place in a hanger at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase/Museum in Mesa Arizona. In between checking out the models on display and shopping at the vendors, visitors can take in the museum and walk the tarmac getting up close and personal with several beautifully restored historic planes.


There was so much armor, it wrapped around the table at the end!


There were tones of autos too, these are some of my favorites.


Winner - Best Auto


A big turnout for Aircraft too.


Winner - Best Ship


Winner - Best Diorama

This forced perspective was really cool!



Winner - Best of Figures


Winner - Best Sci-Fi

Of the six models I brought for competition all six placed in their categories. First Place Sci-Fi and Best of Sci-Fi for my Stormlord, First place Sci-Fi Figure All Scales for my Ork Hunter, Second Place Sci-Fi for my Dune Crawler, Third Place Gundam/Mecha for my Scratch built Deff Dread, Third Place Busts for my Ork Pilot, and Third Place Miscellaneous for my Egg Plane Dakka Jet. I'd say it was a successful day!

I am looking forward to branching out a  bit more from my comfort zone. So far the Kromlech bust was about the largest deviation I've made from the norm. I'm working on an R2-D2 right now which is a bit more of a stretch and in the future I'm considering doing a WWII Sherman. Specifically a recreation of Fury.

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