Tuesday, December 20, 2016

WIP - Ork Looted Tank 2

A lot of work has been completed since my last posting. Many rivets and lots of plasticard later and it is nearly ready for paint.


I added additional styrene to the surfaces using multiple textures including chipped edges, plasma cut, diamond plate, and some dremel work to rough it up in places.

The exhausts were made using styrene tubes. I used a lighter to bend the tubing. The technique makes for some pretty rough bends but that works well for orky things.

I wanted the driver to have a an awesome view port so I cut a Tamiya 1/35th scale oil drum at an angle and put it into place with some green stuff welds.

I made the top hatch from a recovered rhino hatch and some styrene. I outfitted the rear of the hatch with some orky storage including two spare drum magazines for the big shoota, a choppa, and a helmet made from some ork bits and a 1/35th scale German WWII helmet.

The pintle mounted big shoota was made from scrap styrene.

A adorned the top of the tank with an orky antenna and a styrene flag. The flag was made wavy using a lighter to gently heat the plastic until it would take a bend.

The deff rolla was made by gluing rectangles of styrene around a section of the plastic tube my green stuff came in. Those sections were then highlighted with various rivets and topped off with sections of GW tank traps I cut up. Each piece was glued in place and detailed with a green stuff weld. The whole thing was then roughed up with a dremel.

My next step is to create a tank commander for this bad boy. It will be heavily customised. I may even sculpt my own arms for this one.


  1. Did this get painted? I like the model, just dont like the colour

    1. It did! https://www.theartistofwar.com/2018/09/ork-looted-tank.html