Monday, June 22, 2020

Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables is a table top board game from Plaid Hat Games. The game was gift for my wife. As it came with several miniatures, painting those was another part of my gift to her.

Flops, Lionel, Lumpy, Stitch, Theadora, and Piggle

I began by priming all the models black, followed by a downward airbrushing of grey at 45 degrees, and finished with a top down highlight of white. Each model was then painted in Vallejo acrylics with a glaze medium. Shadows were added using various washes from Vallejo, Army Painter, and Citadel. Finally highlights were added using one or two lighter shades of the base colors.

I wanted these to be very vivid so I only applied an overall wash to a couple of the baddies and the metal monsters. The more vibrant characters only received washes in the creases.

After each figure was painted it received a final coat of clear matte varnish to help bring the paint together and to provide some protection from handling during game play.


Dark Hearts


The Snatcher



These were fun to paint and I think the finished product will provide a much more vibrant gaming experience than the plain grey game pieces.

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