Monday, May 4, 2020

Skaven Army

While I've never played Warhammer or AOS I did purchase and complete a Skaven Army. It consists of:

All the models were painted with Vallejo Acrylics and Army Painter washes. I used various weathering solutions to add the patina and rust.

I used extra parts from the Start Collecting! Skaven Pestilens box set to make my Grey Seer. It was really quite simple as all I did was take the Grey Seer and bell from the Screaming Bell option and cut the bell flush with a base.

All the writing on the scrolls and banners was completed using a .2mm Pigma Micron pen from Sakura in the Archival Ink color which is a kind of dark brown.

The movement trays are castings of 3D prints I purchased from Mack the Maker at Etsy. Check out his shop at for these and many other movement trays.

I added a gloss varnish to the pile of slime on the Plagueclaw to add to the funk.

Overall I really had a fun time building this army. It even picked up an award at the local hobby show and the Plague furnace picked up an award at the model show in Las Vegas. One of these days I may even play a game of Warhammer!

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