Monday, September 14, 2020

5 International Youtube Channels Modelers Can't Miss!

Model building is an international hobby and perhaps the best expression of this is the wealth of channels dedicated to the hobby available on Youtube. The following channels are (in no particular order) some of my favorites related to modeling from the international community.

 Laser Creation-World

Laser Creation-World is a German modeling channel specializing in dioramas with a focus on scratch builds and customization. Building, painting, and weathering are all demonstrated against the backdrop of relaxing music while instructions appear on screen in both English and German. 

Black Magic Craft

Black Magic Craft is a Canadian modeling channel for tabletop gamers. Jeremy's videos primarily consist of terrain building tutorials but also cover miniature painting all while maintaining a budget friendly environment. What I appreciate most about this channel is Jeremy's transparent approach. Throughout each build he shares his successes as well as his failures and the steps he took to overcome those happy little accidents.

Luke Towan (Boulder Creek Railroad)

Boulder Creek Railroad is an Australian channel which produces outstanding tutorials on building realistic scenery and dioramas. Luke covers everything from assembling laser cut kits to building trees from scratch to fully realized dioramas.


PLASMO (Plastic Models) is a Czech English language channel focused on model building and dioramas. Videos are step by step and include information regarding the specific products shown.


Hailing from the Netherlands, Paepercuts is a hobby channel focused on creating realist scenery terrain, diorama building, and miniature painting tutorials. A number of the tutorials involve dinosaur and animal dioramas but there are a few Games Workshop miniatures featured as well.

Bard's Craft
Okay so this is number 6 but I couldn't help myself. Finland is the home of this Youtube channel which specializes in terrain, buildings, and custom miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons as well as other tabletop games.

The above channels not only provide hours of hobby entertainment but nearly limitless techniques, skill sets, materials, and product suggestions you can integrate into your hobby repertoire.

Know of any great international Youtube channels that aren't listed here? Please link to them in the comments.

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