Monday, September 21, 2020

10 Youtube Channels for Makers

 Adam Savage's Tested

Adam Savage is a man who needs no introduction. Most famous as a Mythbuster, Adam spent a number of years working as a model maker for Industrial Light and Magic building models and props for Star Wars, Galaxy Quest, and Steven Spielberg's A.I. just to name a few. Since Mythbusters came to an end Adam has been pouring his heart and soul into Tested, his online love letter to making.

Crafsman (Steady Craftin)

The Crafsman Steady Craftin is a maker channel which provides tutorials on a number of mediums and techniques. The Crafsman tackles topics such as mold making, resin casting, injection molding, and even how to make your own rub-on transfers. The Crafsman's relaxed attitude and unique delivery make this one of my favorite channels to watch, regardless of what topic he is covering.


Clickspring is one of those channels I can just sit back and relax to. Chris produces home machine shop project videos in which he demonstrates precision making with metal where order of operation is key. Many of Chris's videos are tool making videos in preparation for a larger project.

Evan and Katelyn are a husband and wife team who make a variety of projects together. Often exploratory, their videos cover the how to's and often how not to's of each project they tackle. Topics vary from furniture and home improvement to 3D printing, mold making, and resin... lots of resin.

Dark, eerie, multi-talented and always inspiring, Christine McConnell is a jack of all trades and she applies her talents to making all manner of things with a vintage and macabre flare. The skills she demonstrates and projects she tackles may inspire you to make your space your own.

At Punished Props Academy Bill and Brittany Doran build replica props and costumes from nerd culture. The videos are detailed and they produce patterns, 3D files and even 3 books you can purchase to help you on your making journey.

I Like to Make Stuff covers a variety of making topics and techniques with a lean toward woodworking and electronics. Bob's videos are often practical projects that you may want to take on yourself. If you do you'll be glad to know that these videos are highly detailed and often supported with available files for download.

Probably best described as a "Don't Try This at Home" channel. Colin engineers crazy inventions which, considering he's in the UK often seem unwise, if not flat out illegal. Fire, explosives, blades, and horsepower all come together in frightening fashion. 

In each episode David takes you through his process to make what ever it is he's making that time around. Most frequently wood working, David also delves into other topics such as welding, forging, and silk screening just to name a few.

Michael is the king of improvisation. A metal worker, Michael makes the insane weapons of pop culture come to life. In each lengthy video Michael takes you through his process as he uses a limited number of tools to make detailed, precise, incarnations of outlandish weaponry. 

I'm sure I'm leaving out plenty of excellent makers. For a selection of modelers on you tube check out my other post of 5 International Youtube channels for some additional viewing pleasure. If you know of some youtube makers who should be mentioned here please add them to the comments below.

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