Friday, November 20, 2020

Paint Water Do Not Drink

I've had an awful lot of time on my hands as of late and found myself feeling creative. Late at night after everyone has gone to sleep I've been working on various graphic designs and coming up with some hobby solutions in hopes of expanding my Etsy shop and putting together a few products for future model shows.

My first offering is a mug for washing your brushes in which I hope will help to avoid the dreaded confusion many of us have endured. 

On a long enough timeline every hobbyist has the moment that they put the dreaded dirty paint water to their lips. The lucky ones realize their error before it is too late, other's aren't so fortunate. Don't make that mistake, or if you already have, don't make it again with this stylish hazard striped dedicated dirty paint water mug. The warning "PAINT WATER DO NOT DRINK" is emblazoned around the mug in high contrast and 4 different languages, English, Spanish, German, and French.

I have many additional graphics in the works and an accessory or two geared toward the model makers out there.

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