Monday, June 5, 2023

White Tanks Hobbies, formerly known as...


While I've been away from the bloggerverse for a while I've been working on a rebranding of "The Artist of War". While the name served me well over the years I have started to head in a new direction. While I still enjoy modeling, and do so when time permits, I am pivoting toward actually producing models and accessories for the hobby.

To this end I've been working on several accessories in various scales for scale modelers, specifically those building dioramas or display bases for their models.

I've also been designing some original kits and models for the wargaming community. The first such product is my Gun Emplacement (below). Its is comprised of several parts and the turret is fully compatible with the Games Workshop Leman Russ battle tank. The turret will be available to purchase separately from the base and multiple weapon options will be available to adjust to the needs of your army.

This isn't the final version. I do plan on adding some additional details and will likely add a pintle mounted weapon as well.

In addition to the wargaming models I have a variety of bits and pieces in the works such as road cones, jersey barriers, bottles, and appliances for all your diorama and basing needs.

I'll be providing all of my non-wargaming related bits and kits in various scales including 1:20 for all the Maschinen Krieger fans out there.

I hope you'll join me on this adventure.

Online store coming soon!

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