Sunday, November 24, 2013

Custom Space Wolves Stormraven Landing Gears

Tonight I finished the landing gears for my Space Wolves Stormraven.  This wasn't so much because I wanted a custom look but because I don't have the originals.  I purchased the bulk of the model off of ebay for around $13 and have been piecing together the rest of it out of scratch.

I wanted the landing gears retracted because, let's face it, deployed landing gears don't convey a sense of forward movement.

The rear landing gears were the easy part.  I cut 1mm thick blank sheet styrene to fit the void left by the original model parts and followed that up with some corrugated metal sheet styrene.

The forward landing gears took a little more work.  I created a box of styrene based off of the shape of the rear landing gears.  I made these a little shorter as I imagined the gears would get tucked up into the fuselage.   In addition to the 1mm thick styrene I added .5mm thick styrene with small details cut in to add some texture to keep in style with the rest of the model's details. This was all topped off again with the corrugated metal styrene I used on the rear landing gears.

With this completed I moved on to working on the main engines.  I am using the intake ports on the F-35 and other similar fighters as my point of reference.  So far it is proving a bit frustrating so it may be a while before I make some real progress in this area.

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