Saturday, November 30, 2013

Space Wolves Drop Pod Completed

First of all I have to say that I loved working on this model.  For the price it was by far the best GW model I have had the pleasure of building.

It took several steps to get right but having quality products like Secret Weapon Miniatures pigments and The Army Painter spray and bottle paints made a big difference in the overall outcome.  As mentioned in my previous post I used The Army Painter Wolf Grey spray base/primer followed up by a coat of their Daemonic Yellow spray applied to carefully masked areas.  Those areas were again masked off for a coat of black.

At the time of my last post I had left off with my first layer of weathering.  In the first picture below I have applied the second layer of weathering.  I used a blend of Secret Weapon Miniatures rust tones mixed in water.  Using the same technique I used for The Army Painter Dark Ink, I applied a line of this rust mix to the underside of all overhanging edges and then dragged that downwards with a dry brush.  For the bronze areas I applied some aqua color paint to the areas and then wiped away the excess with a sponge.  After applying this technique to all sides I went over it all again with the Dark Ink.  The idea here was that by applying layers of weathering it would look more natural than a single application.

After finishing my weathering it was time to add the "burn" effect caused by orbital insertion.  I started by lightly sanding the hard edges around the base.  I then dry brushed some Citadel Chainmail to these rough edges.

Using some black craft paint I mixed up a dark wash and sponged it onto the lower portions of the model around the door hinges.  I rested the model on it's top and dragged the wash down the model.  I then went back and using a dry sponge wiped away some of the excess.  I repeated this process again with the black wash and once more with The Army Painter Dark Tone.  This process was also applied to the upper ailerons as well.  After I was happy with it all I applied multiple coats of clear matte varnish to seal it all in place for tabletop play.

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