Friday, November 8, 2013

Space Wolves Drop Pod- WIP

My Space Wolf Dreadnought is still a work in progress but it is coming along so well I thought I'd post the progress to date.  First off this was a great kit for the price ($37 at my local retailer).  The kit is very detailed and the moving pieces are well articulated.

I base coated the model with The Army Painter Wolf Grey spray Primer/Base Coat.  I then masked off the areas which I wanted yellow and applied The Army Painter's spray Demon Yellow.  I again masked off the areas I wanted black and sprayed those with a generic black primer.

 The interior portion of the pod was painted black and dry brushed with GW Chain Mail metallic paint.  I then detailed the lights with various colors and painted the dome and sergeant's screen with a light green color and added additional details to those screens in white.  I then weathered the metal areas with Seceret Weapon Miniatures rust powders.

The same metallic technique was used for the engine.  I still need to add the rust weathering effects.

I was going to leave the edges of the drop pod doors Wolf Grey but I decided they would look better in the matching metallic.

This is the pod door prior to weathering.

 In the above and below photos you can see the first stage of weathering which I have applied to the outside of the pod.  I have done this by underlining the the edges with a dark wash from The Army Painter and then pulling the wash downwards with a dry brush.

After I finish the rust and oil staining on the outside I will apply burn effects to show the scorching caused when the pod burst through the atmosphere from orbit.

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