Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ork Deff Dread "El Huevo Muerto"

Since the last post I applied a once over of burnt sienna oil paint. That was rubbed off with an old rag. Then I applied a loose wash of black and brown oil paints to the bolts, gears, and joints. After that had dried I covered the model in Testors Dullcote. I then applied clear gloss Tamiya paints to the the lens in the center hatch. Mig Jimenez fuel stain was added to all the pistons and joints. The model was glued to the base and the legs and feet were dusted with some Secret Weapon Miniatures powder.

A very brave Catachan Sergeant stands by for scale.

All I had on hand were 25mm and 60mm bases, both were too small. So I made this 80mm base from a double layer of polystyrene and PVC foam board cut to shape and chamfered the edge with a hobby knife.

The Easter egg was textured using a rotary tool. I'm quite happy with the combination of the texture, Rub 'n Buff and washes/oils. I think its really believable as metal.

 A Tamiya 1/35th scale oil drum was attached to the back of the Easter egg as part of the engine/exhaust system. The exhaust pipe was made from polystyrene tube. The elbow is a bendy drinking straw with polystyrene tube on the ends.

 The front hatch was cast from a mold of a chimera front hatch. The weld lines were all created by rolling a thin sausage of green stuff, gluing it in place around the hatch and pressing the lines in with a dental tool and/or back of a hobby blade.

 All the hoses were made with the Green Stuff Industries  Tentacle Maker. The saw blade is polystyrene sandwiched between two brass gears from the craft store. The rest of the arm is polystyrene with a large bead at the shoulder joint. All the brass couplings were treated with a three color patina wash.

 The claw is all polystyrene and it moves. The grease in the joint is from Mig Jimenez

 Part of each leg is a chopped up piston from an IG dozer blade. The rest is polystyrene, a small spring, and a bb and large bead for ball bearings.

The big shoota' is made from polystyrene and a casting of a Gatling cannon I also scratch built and molded some time back for my Imperial Guard.

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