Monday, October 17, 2016

WIP - Deff Dread #2

A lot of additional details were added since the last post. I had to find a way to mount a big shoota'. I switched out one of the pauldrons and also threw in an antenna for good measure. 

 All the joints and pistons on this model were constructed to actually move. Although many were glued into place for practical purposes, the claw still opens and closes.

 At this step the model was base coated in flat black primer. Rub 'n Buff was applied over the model making sure to allow the natural shadows to pop.

 Here I've done quite a bit more detail painting and added many layers of wash. I was careful to apply different washes to different pieces to help sell the story that it had been constructed using scrap.

More washes, more paint. I added a coat of bright red over the main section of carapace. I used the salt technique to help me distress and chip the paint. I also learned that Rub 'n Buff has a natural quality to it which allows you to easily scratch acrylic paint off making a similar effect to that of the hairspray technique. My last step here was to apply a gloss coat in preparation for oils to be applied the next day.

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