Monday, October 24, 2016

So Much Armor, So Little Time

The plastic crack addiction can get overwhelming at times. As I get part way through one project I can get board which sends me off on another tangent beginning new projects. 9 works-in-progress for my Pardus 8th Armored Regiment. Two Wyverns, my Ontos pattern Hydra, three Leman Russ, two Salamanders, and a Destroyer. I'd like to say that wrapping this up is my next project but with Modelzona only 2 weeks away, ScorpFest in January and ValleyCon in March I'll be hard pressed to get much work in on these as new projects are bound to pop up. 

My baby steps going forward are to complete the assembly of these nine, and at least get them all base coated in the Pardus scheme. 

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